A Traditional Wisconsin Fishboil

From a time not so long ago, when the community would gather on the unspoiled lake shore and partake in the abundance of both land and lake.

Fresh Lake Superior whitefish steaks boiled over an open fire along with sweet baby red potatoes and small white onions. Served in a buffet with fresh coleslaw, a variety of dark breads and homemade rolls, melted butter, lemon, and of course, a Bayfield fruit dessert that changes with the seasons. Early summer strawberry shortcake, followed by raspberry shortcake, and as fall approaches, a simple but delicious apple crisp, topped with whipped cream. Enjoy a choice o beverage and a selection of beer and good wine to compliment the exceptional local fare.

We’ll serve it whenever the weather permits. On nice Saturdays until mid-June, then 5 nights a wee until the end of August. Weekends again in September as long as conditions permit. Please call for reservations: 715-779-5480.